CO₂ Incubator

● Sensitive far infrared CO2 sensor and automatic calibration function brings about accurate control of CO2 concentration.

● HEPA filter installed inside ensures the inner air quality reaches level 100.

● Breeze circulation system brings no effect to the cell culturing.

● When the door is open, the fan will stop to keep from the convection of internal air and external air, and heating system will stop to prevent over temperature.

● Direct 6-side heating wire heating, and air jacket design bring about short warming up time, no over temperature, and good uniformity.

● SUS304 Cu mirror stainless steel chamber with foursquare arc transition design can keep from bacteria and experiment contamination.

● Bottom heating natural evaporation humidification plate ensures high humidity culturing environment

● Hidden UV lamp sterilizes the water in the humidification plate and the circulating air to make the experiment environment clean.

● double layer door design: reinforced glass internal door makes sure the sealability.

● Adjustable direction of door opening meets different custom users.

● Internal door heating system keeps from moisture condensing.

● Air inlet HEPA DUF filters dust of which diameter is larger than 0.33um with efficiency of 99.97%, and minimize the pollution in the working chamber.

● Over-temperature alarm, CO2 concentration abnormity alarm, and warning water level alarm.

● Convenient PID operation: running with data set and time set, automatic shut-down based on setting, and automatic recovery to previous status after power outage and recovery .

● Special function key for temperature setting.

● Auxiliary menus make over-temperature alarm, deviation adjusting, and menu lock come true.

Technical parameters





 used for drying, baking, and thermal treatment

Heating and air circulation type

 6-side heating wire+breeze circulation system+air jacket design


Temperature range


Temperature resolution


Temperature fluctuation


Temperature uniformity


CO2 concentration range


CO2 concentration fluctuation


chamber humidity



chamber material

 SUS304 Cu mirror stainless steel

shell material

 spraying cold rolled steel

thermal insulation material


heating device

 Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire with silica gel cover

 CO2 intake


 CO2 filter

 DUF imported

shelf material

 SUS304 mirror stainless steel

rated power



Temperature control


CO2 concentration control


Temperature setting

 press the 6 keys slightly

Temperature display

 4 digital tube display

CO2 concentration display

 3 digital tube display


 0~9999 minutes(with timed wait)

operation function

 running with data set and  time set, and automatic shut-down based on setting

temperature sensor


CO2 concentration sensor


water level sensor


additional function

 deviation adjustment, menu buttons lock, power outage compensation, power outage memory

Safety device

 over-temperature alarm, menu lock, and CO2 concentration abnormity alarm, and warning water level alarm.


working size (W*D*Hmm)



exterior size (W*D*Hmm)



packing size (W*D*Hmm)



working capacity



load bearing  of shelf


shelf bracket groove


height between shelves


Power source( 50/60Hz)/Rated current









Optional device

 shelf,  multiple gas culturing, double gas cylinder automatic change, RS485 port, printer, recorder, external communication, remote control.


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